Friday, May 22, 2009

Ruby Slippers in the Myer windows

I went and had a look at the various designers' ruby slippers from Oz in the Myer windows today. Meh. The presentation was good but the designs didn't do it for me. I happen to love red and enjoy looking at shoes. You would think there would be a pair in this display I would totally go "Wow!" for but no, there wasn't. To be honest I'm not much of silly/impractical shoe person...

...On the upside I finally found and bought some cool boots. I've been looking for weeks. I've been checking out other women's boots and asking various customers of mine where they got their from. I had an itch for new boots with a slight kick-arse factor, but comfy. They were on sale from Myer and we spent some time trying to find the other boot since there was only the lefty in my size in the storage room. Just as we gave up I wandered around the tables again and found the other boot. Another customer must have had it when the staff went looking. The Boot Deity had smiled on me. Now I need shorter skirts to wear with them since I only have one they ping with :P

Genius by Sandler, RRP $209, on sale $146!

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