Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well it's a difficult decision for her...

Captain Jack Sparrow versus Jareth the Goblin King

If you had to choose* would it be Jack or Jareth?

I think the Goblin King would probably smell better. All of us who ever drooled over Mr Depp as Captain Sparrow never thought of that part of his character did we? A former partner asked me if I'd like to give him a bath - good point and that could be fun...

Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out!
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The above is not one of my LOLs though I have put up a couple of Jack Sparrow LOLs and if you be so kind as to vote for either of them I would be appreciative!

*'To do what with him?' you may well ask. Let your imagination run riot with that one though I know what I have in mind ;)

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